Threshold @ School 33

Jill Fannon
image: Jill Fannon, © 2014

Recent Exhibition:

Milana Braslavsky, Heather Boaz & Jill Fannon

09/05/2014 – 10/25/2014 • School 33 Art Center

School 33 Art Center is pleased to present Threshold, an exhibition of Baltimore based artists Heather Boaz, Jill Fannon, and Milana Braslavsky. The three artists consider limits and edges, entry points, beginnings and endings, openings to domestic spaces, boundaries, and borders. The sculpture, photography, and installation shown negotiate each artist’s own experience and relationships. The work explores concepts of intimacy, vulnerability and fields of anxiety, with allusions to consumption, object-culture, and the anthropomorphization of inanimate objects.


Artist & Photographer / Baltimore, MD